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Mind Plan

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Peter has plenty of options to choose from. He plans activities for the week ahead, using the magnetic counters, which attach to the board. Mind-plan takes the form of a board showing one week's calendar, with each day divided into three by mealtimes. The user writes an activity with a dry wipe pen on colour coded counters (exercise, person - meet or phone, goal or task, leisure, reward) and then positions the counters on the timetable to plan the week, aiming for a good spread of colours. (The counter tops can be wiped clean and used again.) Times can be written directly onto the board. An accompanying flip book acts as a visual aid of recovery. At the end of the week the patient shades in columns to record activities completed. The flip-book can be interpreted by a counsellor in therapy sessions, and the patient can see their progress by using the book as a flip-book - the animation will show the increased number of activities achieved over the weeks.