Maslow's Pyramid
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Mind Plan

Many thanks to Portugal Prints (part of Westminster Mind) for early support of project - especially Wendy Bailey and Laura Wilson who work at Portugal Prints and all members of staff.
Many thanks also to Catherine Murgatroyd- Psychiatrist and Suzanne Smith- Senior Occupational Therapist, both at City and Hackney Center for Mental Health, London.
Many thanks also to John Kentish- Head of Health Psychology, Clarence Wing, St. Mary's Hospital, London
Thank you to Saul Berkovitz, Mary Queally and Chris Perrin of Royal London Homeopathic Hospital, UCLH NHS Trust, for their trial with patients recovering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.
Thank you Julian Brown RDI, for your valuable work in refining the design of Mindplan.

The award for the RSA Design Directions competition was sponsored by NESTA.
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